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Friday, May 21, 2010
4:26 PM


London was pretty awesome and i agreed that its kinda similar to Singapore except for the architecture of the buildings and all. Onn 14 May, we went to Shangyi's University; Goldsmith University for lunch and i met Jiahui. After that we went to Greenwich, it was like a park kinda thing and there were pretty pink flowers everywhere! then we went over to Trinity College of music.

Above, Shangyi's College and below was a shot at Trinity University of music.

On 14 May at night, we took a night bus to Edinburgh, Scotland!

15, 16 May 2010- Edinburgh, Scotland.

We arrived at Edinburgh at about 8am, oh my. the weather there was super cold, colder than London! i was shivering and the wind was mad. we took about an hour to search for our hostel. when we arrived at our hostel, to our knowledge we can only checked in at 1030am. crappped!

so we toured and travelled around. Edinburgh was a place of castles. the buildings are definitely damn pretty. it has a rich rich history and it was also believed to be a ghost town. boo! hahaha.
on the 16 may, we travelled to the highlands of Edinburgh. damn pretty. there're so many mountains and beautiful scenary. its so calm and peaceful, definitely not the same as the pace of life in Singapore! ahh! damn pretty. =DD its a must come for nature lovers!
okay. lets see whats next. then back to Londres we went.
17 May 2010- Londres.
Shangyi has to help her senior out in school and therefore, she marked out a route in London for us to travel. We took the London bus and went to St Paul's Cathedral, then to Marks and Spensers! oh my M&S in London is awesome, it isnt like the ones in Singapore whereby the food section is just filled with biscuits chips sweets and blah blah. but in London, there's like chilled food, meats salads and even a bakery. we bought a cheese muffin. it tastes pretty good.
then to the tate modern we went. it was an arty kinda place. i bought a pencil case from there which i love since first sight. there were art works of picasso, roy lichtenstein, andy warhol and so on. quite pretty though im not a great fan of art works. but yeah. haha.
After that we went to look at the Millenia bridge London bridge and tower bridge. We went past Shakespeare Globe and Southward Cathedral. i swear by the time we were here we're dead tired from the past few days of non-stop chionging and the neck aching bus ride. so we decided to take a break at pret a manger, which means ready to eat in french. Jocelyn and i shared a wrap and a weird light tasting popcorn.
We took the overground rail to Shangyi's place. We rested abit bit then head to Saintsbury (a local supermarket like our NTUC) to do some grocery shopping then picked Ben up from the bus stop. We dined in today, I cooked dinner! YAY! =)
18 May 2010- London
We went to see Big Ben(a big clock), Westminister Abbey (St Magaret Cathedral), then went to watch some parade for the queen. there were horses and carriages and people were crowding and running along with the horses to look and video the whole ceremonial process. i think these people are mainly the tourists, as there were tour guides holding flags guiding them to it. and to guess whats for lunch? SUBWAY! =D my favourite. i had tuna tuna tuna wrap which was like foot long! and we shared a cheesy nachos. yummy. After lunch was our shopping along oxford street, there were shops ranging from the high end classy goods to the cheaper ones like primark where we stayed in there for almost 4 hours, i think. hahaha. the clothes there are dirt cheap with shirts as cheap as 1pound? man, how can i resist the temptation to hold back my shopping! i bought a whole lot of clothes. =X whee.
dinner that night was amazing. we went to a belgium restaurant for dinner. the waitresses and waiters there are dressed them quirkily, they look like elfs. hahha. the food there was unqiue though a little pricey. aziz and koon hwee's friend joined us for dinner too. then after that we went to watch the musical, oliver! ohhh man, i was so tired till i fell asleep. sianzzzz.
19 May 2010- Still in London
Harrods here we come! Harrods are mentioned in various storybooks and movies like Princess Diaries. for those of you who dont know what harrods is like, it is this tall erected 7 storey building filled with damn expensive goods, when i saw the price of a few items, i turned off and stopped shopping. the only thing ive gotten from there was a cup of coffee from krispe kreme that was shared with ben, thats all i can afford. poor girl i am. After that was a visit to the national musuem which was the musuem where the movie at the night of the museum was filmed at, oh and have i mentioned it, admission to any musuem in London is free. and we went for lunch at some fish and chips store, i'm sick of fish and chips! hahah too much though its my fave! then we went for a walk at Hyde's Park. then met ziz for dinner then for a musical, the grease. and grease was awesome. its like high school musical, hairspray. along those line kinda musical. i love it!
20 May 2010- Mad rush to Paris.
It was crazy i swear, a whole night of not sleeping to pack and squeeze all our souvenirs in our luggage and the packing of Shangyi's present. i almost went crazy. after that we had to rush to the trainstation to take a train to our eurostar station. my god. we missed our train and we have to wait for the next one. we were damn scared that we miss our eurostar. if we do, we'll have to pay a bomb for another train ride to Paris. it was a close shave, we almost missed our eurostar. but i think god was on our side, and we caught the train by just a close shave. phew.
Gare Du Nord Station. We had our first meal in Paris at macs. my goodness. i had caesar salad and it costs 6euros which amounts to about S$11? its madness. and then we took another train ride to our Uni of Troyes. then we looked around the school and ahhh. thats it for the day!

&the beauty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
5:46 AM

Day 2,3,4. i had to combine these 3 days cos i didnt have internet access for the past few days.

Day 2, we headed to Edinburgh, Scotland after a day at Greenwich. we took the overnight coach over to Edinburgh. We reached at bout 8 am in the morning. Wow, and it was unexpectedly cold. The wind was blowing me off, feeling the chills down my spine. Brrr. we turned to a few corners of the streets and then finally arriving to our hostel. And guess what, the receptionist told us that we can only checked in at 1030am. great, and we decided to do breakfast first. i had a simple cereal with milk. After that we joined a free tour around Edinburgh, we were told the history of Edinburgh and then travelled around the small little cosy town. In my opinion, Edinburgh is a place of knights, castles, ghosts. all in all it was a great place with a rich history. We joined the Ghost tour at night.

Day 3, We joined the tour up to the highlands of Scotland. We went to various Loch and also to the famous Loch ness where nessi was. Nessi is a myth, it is actually a monster who lives in the water bodies in the loch ness. So, yeah. We were told about this thing called Nessi and oh, i missed out about this cow looking thing thats called hemish (if im not wrong). this animal symbolises Scotland. its kinda weird looking with a long fringe covering its eyes. :/ after the tour, it was like late hopped on to our overnight bus and back to London we go!

Day 4, Back at London. i'll continue tmr. kinda tired!
Au Revoir. <3

&the beauty.

Friday, May 14, 2010
5:01 PM

Day 1- London, England. 10.12 am (5.11pm Singapore time)- i arrived at London last night and we're now at Endwell Road at Jocelyn's friend's place. Its pretty cold here and worried that i might not have enough clothing to survive through. suffered a major jet lag last nite, and i just koinked out and woke up like 9 am the next day.

oh and we travelled to London via Emirates and made a quick transit and Dubai Airport. and guess what, we had like 5 meals on board within a duration of 15 hours? and i had like 7 meals yesterday and only saw night fall after 20 hours? hahaha. haywired, i was. i chionged like 4 movies on the plane, maybe that can explained why i was so tired, more tired than the rest of my friends last nite. i watched finding nemo, when in rome, its complicated and leap years. Leap years was very amazingly good and it was so touching to the fact i was sniffing and holding my tears back in the plane. it has unexpected twists and plot. really good, thumbs up for it.

the intinery for today would be that i'm gonna give jiahui a surprise at goldsmith college then head down to greenwich for some sightseeing and shopping and then night sleeper to Scotland, Edinburgh. cant wait. its gonna be so eggciting. since the time i arrived in London, it has been a wow wow wow exclamation to almost everything that i'm seeing, i feel as if i'm in some movie.

okay as for now, its time to wash up and get ready for the great day ahead.

&the beauty.

Sunday, December 27, 2009
4:39 PM

okay. i'm at the airport now. woots! and China here i come! =D

its gonna be cold its gonna be eggciting its gonna be fun and eggciting I HOPE!

goodbye world.

&the beauty.

Friday, December 25, 2009
10:40 PM

donkey years have passed. and here i am once again.

its christmas day! first of all, merry christmas to all. hope all of you guys had a smashing christmas day.

life has been so bz as usual, exams ended on the 8 dec followed by main comm retreat, followed by ISG and IHG and then tabur and then to end 2009, i'll be leaving for China this sunday till the next year! how eggciting can life get when i try to aim to live life to the fullest- study hard and also play hard hard.

since i wont be able to have any internet access till the next year, i should write a few stuff before getting back here the next year.
year 2009 has been splendid, a tough rollercoaster ride of academic, non-academic work and emotions. those who went through it with me would know. Academic work has definitely not been easy, it has been getting tougher and tougher as the months goes by. Non-academic aspect- after taking over the role as the vice-president, more work, time and meetings have been demanded from me. Sleepless nights, meeting through midnights, studying (for tests) till the next morning have suddenly seemed to be a norm last sem. Well, at least thank god, i survived through it. Emotionally-i fell in and out of love a few times last year, somehow, when life's gets to busy, feelings tends to be neglected and confused. but i've definitely learnt hard from it. Appreciation and trust are important values that i have learnt.

ending the year without setting a goal for next year isnt good.
so, for the year 2010, it is gonna be a better year than year 2009. i'll be stronger tougher happier academically, physically, mentally and emotionally. =)

and with all thats being said, i'll end here.

Cheers to all. =)) viva la vida!

&the beauty.

Friday, August 21, 2009
5:14 PM

its a friday and im in hall now waiting for my dad to send me home. it has been a brilliant week in school and in hall but i still miss home.

school has been busy as usual due to the nature of my course. well at least the course is getting more interesting, i'm doing tcm diagnostics this semester learning the different kinds of diagnostic methods like diagnosis by asking, by looking and observing, by hearing, by smelling, by pulsation. interesting.

so what happened the whole of this week at school? the highlight is mainly the hall welcome dinner and the short lunch meetups with my friends. =) anyway, school elections are round the corner and its quite worrying to see that the top few postitions are still not taken yet and i dont wanna take it up because im pressurized to do so. my workload is gonna be heavy, my focus for this sem would be my studies and i've made up my mind a long while ago. well, we'll see how it goes la.

my brain is quite dead now. and i'm sleepy.
byee world. =D much much loves.

&the beauty.

Monday, August 03, 2009
11:42 PM

showdowned yesterday.

after showdown. met jj for dinner at sakae. then went to chill out at the fountain of wealth and walk around a little. well, yesterday i was still feeling okay,perhaps, it could be that the feeling havent sink in yet. Just give me a few more days, i'd probably be affected by it.

went for brunch with orang utan today at ichiban sushi. i had sushi for 2 meals consecutively. great. had a good chat and meal. after that went out with my sac darlings to celebrate sy's bday. went for a thrilling ice skate and then headed to sushi tei for dinner. goodness, 3 sushi meals within 2 days. i think i can be a food critic for sushis soon. then went for retail therapy. i tell u, i have been shopping like mad, i think the phrase "shop till u drop" is very apt to my shopping attitude. and with my new credit card, it isn't doing any good to my "try to shop less" goal. well, nevermind, at least i feel happy. a much needed way to getting my mind off for awhile. i definitely had a great time today, with the greatest companions i can ever find.

being single for 9 months has made me a different kind of gf that i normally am? i'm still pondering over this due to my supposedly lack of care love and concern in the latest r/s that i was in. was it really entirely due to my independence, my busy-ness? i dont know. but one thing for sure i know is that,though i may not have given in my best to this one; due to my lack of time and being caught up with too many things like FOCs, but i have love him all along. from the start, when we just got together and when i was at mt k, i was so excited about coming back to singapore, being able to hold his hands, spend time together, do everything under the sun together. that was the kinda feeling that i was experiencing when i was in kinabalu. and sadly, just a few days later, some things just have to happen to turn this whole happy,i wanna go out with u and have fun with u feeling into one that is "urgh, maybe not. why are u doubting me bcos of some issue" i hate it most when people doubt me and listen to everyone else except me. i feel hurt. utterly hurt and disappointed. it may seem that i have gotten over this issue, but it hasnt. when i get affected by such situations. it takes time, alot of time for me to get over it. maybe if we have the patience, things might be better.

instead of things getting better, things turned sour-er and sour-er. lack of time, more of worldly friends comments. somehow it feels like the world has come between us, our lives have come between us and we both fell apart. thats in summary. its quite sad. i keep reminding myself this could be the start of something big. somehow i know when i dont have a firm and stable bf, the whole r/s will just topple and fall. and this was how it fell.

i'll get over it.

&the beauty.


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